We are an international School with over 40 years of experience designing and implementing study abroad programs. Our team strives to educate on regenerative cultures using a multidisciplinary approach.

We are an international School with over 40 years of experience designing and implementing study abroad programs. Our team strives to educate on regenerative cultures using a multidisciplinary approach.

Education for Regenerative Cultures

Culture shapes us all, it encompasses everything from science to art. From traditional wisdom to everyday practices. However, culture runs deeper than this. It is in the way we think, communicate, and work. It ultimately defines how we understand everything around us.

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Most importantly, this is why breaking with the distinction between nature and culture is crucial. Hence, understanding our environment as our own cultural heritage, will be key in order to start loving, protecting, restoring and finally regenerating our surroundings.

Regenerative Cultures as defined by Daniel C. Wahl are ones that have moved beyond sustainable models to regenerative models in which humans are reintegrated as an intrinsic part of nature. Cultures that work creatively with environment.

We understand that education for regenerative cultures today should seek to promote students’ critical thinking. By designing meaningful experiences, leading debates, and group reflections education should push to broaden their perspective, engage them in different experiential learning activities and therefore expand their horizons in this global world.

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Our Mission

It is not too late to dream of a global society in harmony with the environment.

We design educational programs to build an identity that will promote a series of regenerative cultural practices and ideas, to raise humanity’s awareness of the current threats the planet faces.

What We do

#Study Abroad

Our Study Abroad programs are authentic and immersive experiences that retain the quality inherited from our long lasting partnership with World Learning and School for International Training, pioneers and leaders in the field of international education. Having grown up at an SIT site for over 30 years, we have a deep understanding of the power of learning, as well as our social and environmental responsibility as educators. This is why we address some of the issues that will be of utmost importance in 21st-century societies.

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We offer original and innovative programs on subjects such as environmental awareness, interculturality, social justice, and cultural heritage. In this way, it is our hope and ultimate goal to cultivate critical thinking and emotional intelligence among learners, old and young alike.

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With Us

We promote Experiential Learning to develop participants’ critical thinking, awareness and understanding, enhancing their ability to effectively function in an intercultural environment, away from their comfort zones.

Our programs address 21st century topics in a transdisciplinary way, at a time when students are specially open to explore new cultures, practices and ideas.

Our multidisciplinary team combines academic professors from Spanish, Moroccan and American Universities with field experts actively participating in social or sustainability projects. The program coordinators are expert intercultural travelers and will provide students with the wisdom to travel in a more intelligent and sustainable way. We are aware that our incredible team is our biggest strength as we believe that the human component is key in any learning process.

We only work with small groups, allowing students to become part of our beautiful community and immerse themselves in the local culture.

Our extensive experience designing tailor-made study abroad programs allows us to be flexible with our partners while maintaining a solid infrastructure, health, safety and security protocols.

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Granada has captivated poets, musicians and travelers from all over the world with its unique mixture of cultures, its light and its contrasts…

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“It is time to approach education with a more infinite mindset. Let us work together to have a real impact in making this world a better place”

Antonio Gutiérrez Pérez

CVO, Celei Regenerative Education

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