“We are an international School with over 35 years of experience with a multidisciplinary team that strives to educate on regenerative culture

“We are an international School with over 35 years of experience with a multidisciplinary team that strives to educate on regenerative culture

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Our Mission

We realize that sustainability is no longer enough. It is too late to dream of a global society in harmony with the environment. Our education strives to build an identity that will protect and preserve a series of cultural practices and habits, following this ideal of Regenerative Culture.

We offer original and innovative programs on subjects such as environmental awareness, emotional intelligence, critical thinking, social justice, interculturality, cultural heritage, and a sense of community.



The Experiential Learning Approach: Build knowledge, awareness and attitude through experiences and hands-on activities.

An Intercultural Dimension: Offers strategies to improve the understanding and tolerance of diversity.

Interdisciplinary Team: Integrate, under the regenerative culture banner, a variety of professionals, knowledge and perspectives.

Service and Community Learning: Reinforce the motivation to give back, learn, trust and collaborate as part of a local community.

Critical Thinking: Offer experiences and reflections to provide participants with tools to consider and analyze reality in this desinformation era.

#CoolReg Blog

Celei believes in the power of communication and constant evaluation as a mean for personal and proffessional growth.

In this blog, we welcome former students and education professionals from all over the world to share their experience and wisdom with our community.

Spain, crossroads in human migration online

Spain, crossroads in human migration online

Intercultural mobility these days have altered the migratory map in modern Spain. Migratory movements have been created that have caused a cultural metamorphosis revealing the need for new regenerative practices. These practices will help create an informed community that has the means to be able to generate one´s own thinking. A regenerative thinking based on
experience and on the contrast of information. This is increasingly a requirement to build a cultural bridge that leads us to a more welcoming society, with a superior cultural wealth rich in values.

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Arts as a lens for social change

Arts as a lens for social change

From Granada and through ethnic fusion, performing arts and field research, students will have excursions, seminars and advisors that will give the possibility to develop their language, in order to mastery, analyze, collect and interpret their independent field research.

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Start with why

Start with why

Why start with why? When you expose a message or an idea, you create a union, it is no longer enough for us to have what we are looking for, there is a need to connect, to believe in what we do and whoever gives us the information, teaching or the product also should knows why it does.
At celei we draw inspiration from Simon Sinek’s model ‘’start with why’’, to redefine the concept of current education and improve the world we live in.

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Our Students


“It is time to approach education with a more infinite mindset. Let us work together to have a real impact in making this world a better place”

Antonio Gutiérrez Pérez

CVO, Celei Regenerative Education

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