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#Art as a Lens for Social Transformation

Program Description

The Art as a Lens for Social Transformation program is designed to provide students with an opportunity to learn about art and Spanish society while improving their language proficiency

The Theme seminar is an interdisciplinary course that explores how art serves as a potent tool for social transformation by amplifying voices, raising awareness, challenging norms, and inspiring action. We will use art as a vehicle for building empathy to engage with the local community, foster critical thinking, and catalyze dialogue among others.

The seminar also explores Spain´s rich heritage and the role of art in its most significant social changes and allows students to express themselves through three different artistic disciplines. The sessions will present students with a wide range of topics related to art and cultural heritage and are completed with a rich and diverse cultural program.

Course Objectives

To develop a conceptual understanding of art, culture, as well as the role they play in society.

To become acquainted with Spanish artistic and cultural heritage and understand the policies that make this heritage a means of development and change for the country and its culture.

To understand Spanish Art work within various interrelated disciplines: history, anthropology, and sociology.

To develop new skills in one of the Artistic Workshops that will be led by our local artisans.

To promote healthy habits in our daily life.

Program Components and Services

Orientation in Madrid, Toledo & Córdoba

Art as a Lens for Social Transformation Seminars

Artistic Workshops in Granada

Program site: Granada

Half Board accommodation 

In-country transportation

Health & Safety protocols

Program coordinator and orientation

Post-program counseling


*Not included: 

Air travel & travel insurance

Orientation in Madrid, Toledo & Córdoba

We begin our program in Madrid and Toledo, where we take this opportunity to get to know each other through group dynamics and interactive visits to some of the best museums in the European panorama. Guided by our multidisciplinary team, students will be able to emotionally open up, and talk about their expectations, fears, and hopes for the program in a very safe environment. 

We wrap up the program orientations with a visit to Córdoba, the city of the three cultures, where we will visit the Mosque of Córdoba and surrounding areas in which the fusion of the three cultures has left its mark in history.

Art as a Lens for Social Transformation Seminars

These seminars are the backbone of the program. They cover everything from UNESCO World Heritage sites to art in the fields of Environment, Gender, and diversity. They are aimed to broaden students’ perspectives about these topics and how art has served as a vehicle of expression and communication for these collectives. 

We take all the time we need to understand how special these topics are for us and the opportunities they bring as a gateway to push social change and visibility to the rest of the world.

Artistic Workshops in Granada

We organize different workshops in Granada, where art is on every street and every corner. Whether it is in the shape of graffiti or handcrafted pieces of street art, we take our time to train our way of looking to be more open and understanding. Our workshops are carried out by real professional artists, educators, and academics. It includes photography workshops, flamenco, street art, and pottery.

Program Site: Granada

Granada has captivated poets, musicians, and travelers from all over the world with its unique mixture of Arabic, Jewish, and Christian cultures. History has left many interesting marks on the city today. Now 232,000 people, 70,000 of whom are university students, inhabit Granada and add to the special atmosphere that surrounds its cultural life.

We enjoy a privileged location, only 60 kilometers from the Mediterranean Sea yet at the very foot of the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

The climate has dramatic contrasts and very little rain, rarely from June to September. So people here enjoy a very active social lifestyle outside their houses through music and art that fill the streets with a unique atmosphere.

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