Arts as a Lens in Social Science

(For teachers and university students)

At Celei we believe in a different education, based on practical experience and study from a perspective of critical thinking, emotional intelligence and real connection between cultures. Regenerate concepts and re-ed in a conscious way that involves the individual in the collective. In this case we will use art to analyze and study in an intercultural context, which will open the doors to acquiring language skills in an immersive way being in direct contact with ethnic fusion, the performing arts, cinema and local culture. We want to offer all this, allowing students to enrich and develop their language proficiency and achieve field research capabilities in an environment that will allow us to learn about Spanish art and society.

Within the program we will offer among other things; intensive language courses, involving the student in the community and the functioning of the host culture to build their vocabulary and fluency, seminars designed to generate necessary prior knowledge and promote independent research, giving a sociological and historical context of the schools of arts in Spain, all accompanied by workshops and excursions, including Madrid, Toledo, Seville and different sites in Morocco to encourage active participation , and within the independent field project students will have the support of an advisor to guide them in the interpretation, compilation, analysis and approach of the field research topic. The host city will be Granada, a historic city with a mix of Muslim and Christian cultures and traditions, home to one of the largest universities in Spain.

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This is just one part of Celei’s plan for this international education program, discover much more here

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Spain, crossroads in human migration online

Spain, crossroads in human migration online

Abordando la situación de la inmigración contemporánea en España, en Celei hemos decidido dar visibilidad a esta realidad proponiendo una enseñanza experiencial basada en derribar prejuicios y crear una comunidad mas consciente y unida, brindando la oportunidad entre otras muchas, de contar con la presencia de Dra. Amy Gooden de la universidad de Harvard.

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Start with why

Start with why

Why start with why? When you expose a message or an idea, you create a union, it is no longer enough for us to have what we are looking for, there is a need to connect, to believe in what we do and whoever gives us the information, teaching or the product also should knows why it does.
At celei we draw inspiration from Simon Sinek’s model ‘’start with why’’, to redefine the concept of current education and improve the world we live in.

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