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Program Description

The CRAFT program, whose acronym stands for the following five elements: Consciousness, Relaxation, Attention, Fulfillment, and Transcendence, is a holistic program, created by Dr. Pilar Posadas de Julián, that contemplates the globality of the human being. It is designed to promote the capacities human beings are endowed by nature and to enhance the inner technology that can be used for their physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

The theoretical and experiential foundations of the program are mindfulness, emotional intelligence, positive psychology, and yoga. An increasing body of neuroscientific studies show evidence that these practices and disciplines are beneficial for developing resilience, quality of life, empathy, cognitive and physical functions, personal well-being, and social relationships. The program integrates the state-of-the-art neuroscientific findings with these four disciplines explained for two weeks. This course provides students with the necessary tools and resources that can be easily applied and implemented in their daily lives to improve their well-being, academic, and professional skills.

Program Objetives

To promote self-knowledge by observing the relationship between physical posture, mental and emotional posture, and attitude toward life.

To know the interrelationship between thoughts and emotions and understand their impact on the body.

To increase resilience, the ability to face conflict situations while providing self-regulation and emotional management techniques that will improve interpersonal relationships, fostering compassion and empathy.

To promote a state of global well-being and happiness by regulating and increasing vital energy levels and cognitive and attention skills, reducing anxiety and stress levels, fostering creativity, and improving concentration and memory.

Program Components And Services

CRAFT seminars & debate sessions

Cultural activities

Cultural visit: Sevilla

Field trip: Córdoba

Program site: Granada

Half Board accommodation 

In country transportation

Health & Safety protocols

Program coordinator and orientation

Post-program counseling

*Not included: 

Air travel & travel insurance.

CRAFT seminars & debate sessions

During these seminars, students will have the opportunity to know themselves in a way that will improve their overall well-being. Increasing their physical, emotional, and mental awareness, these seminars will show the value of holistic lifestyle practices and how to include them in their lives. 

The debate sessions will be a judge-free and open environment to share their thoughts and experiences during the program.

Cultural & Activities

Celei organizes meaningful cultural activities to explore in depth this fairytale city. From guided tours through the most beautiful parts of this city to art scavenger hunts aimed to immerse ourselves in the lifestyle of the city.

These activities will be an excellent opportunity to contextualize much of what we cover during the course and a great vehicle to practice our Spanish.

Cultural visit: Sevilla 

We begin our journey with three days in Sevilla, the jewel of Andalucía. There, we will tour this historical city to know the background of southern Spanish culture. Followed by an orientation in the most famous landmark of the city: Maria Luisa Park. During this orientation, we will prepare ourselves for the program ahead.

Day trip: Córdoba

We will take a trip to Córdoba, the city of the three cultures, where Arabic, Christian, and Jewish cultures coexisted and developed this powerful enclave of the world’s history. We will visit the old town and learn about the soul of Spanish society that was cultivated there while enjoying some of the most breathtaking architecture and landscapes produced by these cultures and their emphasis on nature’s value for everyday life.

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