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Celei understands that our planet needs the urgent shift from the current touristic model to a regenerative tourism model. Although difficult due to its high carbon footprint, the power of traveling as an educational motor, and the impact this education could have is massive. That is why we work in collaboration with local partners to be as sustainable and conscious as possible.

Cultural #Activities

Our Cultural Activities are the perfect complement for our workshops and classes. Based in one of the most beautiful cities in the world, these activities will allow you to explore, reflect and understand in depth some of the most remarkable features Andalusia has to offer.

Alhambra, the Jewel of


Join us in this unique journey to discover the wonders of the majestic fortress of Granada. Learn about the history, art and symbolism of what was once the jewel of the Nasrid kingdom. Through debate and reflection, facilitated by our local cultural experts, we will understand the secrets that the Alhambra has to teach us.

Albaicín and Sacromonte, Legend and Magic.

The Albaicín and Sacromonte are home to some of the most iconic corners of Spain. From Mirador de San Nicolás to the caves holding Flamenco shows, the learning possibilities for this itinerary are endless. Discover and reflect the history, social issues, poetry, tourism, etc of this UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Ephemeral culture in Granada’s Urban Art.

Discover the majestic works of El Niño de las Pinturas, hidden across the historical Jewish district of Realejo. We will debate about Art vs Vandalism or the graffiti as a social element of change. Facilitated by our local art history expert, born in these streets.

Carmen de los Mártires, Mecca of Romanticism in Granada.

Lose yourself in the beauty of the gardens of this neoclassical palace that has bewitched artists and composers throughout history. Nested on the margins of the Alhambra, this place is an explosion of colors where the lullaby of its fountains evoke memories of Moorish times.

Cultural itinerary and beer tasting in Barrio del Realejo.

Cultural experience in the old Jewish quarter of Granada. Our local heritage interpreter born in these sinuous streets will lead this activity that starts at the foot of Alhambra and ends with a gastronomical tasting of five beers and five delicious tapas of local cuisine.

Cultural route and oenological tasting in Barrio del Realejo.


Explore the unknown quarters of Realejo, accompanied by our regenerative culture educator. We will finish this activity with a tasting of three wines of Granada and their corresponding traditional local tapas.


Nocturne viewpoints of the Romantic Granada.

Marvel at most spectacular face of Granada, just before the sunset. Enjoy the city like never before, discovering monumental viewpoints where you’ll be able to feel that atmosphere that characterizes this fairy tale city. We will explore some of the most hidden corners of this city and end the visit with a meal in the best restaurant of the Albaicín, El Mirador de Moraima.

Artistic #Activities

Photography workshop in Carmen de los Mártires.

Come to the most beautiful traditional Carmen of Granada, let your senses run wild and capture your unique view of its historical gardens. Discuss and reflect about the use and ends of this abused form of art and express yourself through your camera.

Traditional Pottery.

Learn from Raúl, local artisan and teacher with over 20 years of experience, about the pottery techniques used by different cultures throughout Granada’s history. Create your own ceramics while understanding what it means to be an artisan in the XXI century, in the Artisan Center of the Albaicín.

Flamenco Art and Dancing.

There is no better way to understand the unique soul of Andalusia, than through Flamenco dancing. The mixture of feelings, energy, rhythms and passion makes this musical art form one of the most attractive identity sings of our culture. Chua, our teacher and local professional dancer, will guide you through your first steps in what could be a bright flamenco career.

Natural #Activities

Nature interpretation.

This activity takes us into the wild natural landscape surrounding the city of Granada. We will try to watch and interpret nature through new eyes as we deepen our understanding of Andalusia’s different ecosystems.

Ornithological itinerary and workshop.

Granada’s natural landscape is full of possibilities. Nature interpretation, bird watching and ecological restoration discussions are just some of the activities we will experience in this journey. Learn about the interpretation of indirect traces (feathers, food remains…) on an ornithological workshop led by of our local environmentalist, ornithologist and field expert.

Recovery route of historical pathways and ancient roads.

A pleasant educational and reflective walk on forgotten routes of the surroundings of Granada such as the Natural Park of the Mimbres, the Lecrín Valley, the meadow of Granada, etc. We will choose the best option according to the season and your interests.

Day #Trips

South from Granada: Knowledge and flavors of the Alpujarra.

Discover the wonders the south side of Sierra Nevada can offer. The Alpujarra is a collection of over 40 white villages that bathe in the Mediterranean sun. Learn, debate and reflect throughout this beautiful natural trek, odyssey for the five senses, chasing the footsteps of the water paths. There is knowledge to be found in the history and traditional uses of the rural mountains of Granada, and our local Regenerative Culture educators know just the right places to find it.

Córdoba, the City of the Three Cultures.

Discover the forgotten renaissance that occurred in Europe during the middle Ages in this journey through Córdoba’s wonders. Explore Unesco World Heritage sites like the ruins of Medina Azahara or the Mosque-Cathedral of Córdoba. Learn about the unique history, gastronomy and culture of this city as we stroll through the old town, jewish quarter or roman bridge, among others.

Sevilla, cinematographic beauty.

Seville was one of the most influential cities in the world for centuries. It has a profound cultural heritage and endless educational possibilities. Discover the Reales Alcázares, Catedral and Plaza España among other wonders of this iconic city, home to landscapes from Game of Thrones and Star Wars.

Great #Routes

In these immersive and unique journeys we offer the opportunity to explore in depth the beautiful landscapes, culture and secrets of Spain, Morocco, Cuba… Educators in regenerative culture, intercultural experts and guides, will help you understand what it is that makes these places unique and how can we relate to them in a more respectful and sustainable way.

Discover the true Cuba like never before

Explore natural, social, cultural and political aspects of Cuba that you had never noticed before. Accompanied by our guide, life long traveler and Regenerative Culture educator, you will have access to some of the most delightful people, landscapes and experiences this magical island can offer.

Journey to the Quaternary Geo-park


The Altiplano Granadino has one of the world’s best geological and paleonthological records of the Quaternary. Join us in this 3 day adventure and enjoy the breathtaking badlands sunsets in a journey full of discussion and reflection guided by our local environmental philosopher and geological expert.

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