It is a time of opportunity for educators to reach students worldwide thanks to the possibilities XXI century technology offers us.

While we understand that online learning is different to in person learning, we feel confident that we can deliver a great all round experience with our E-learning courses. Our online programs are live, interactive and guided by professionals from various fields. They also include post program support for the student’s individual field based projects.

Our online programs are adaptations of our on-site courses. Join us wherever you are to reflect and debate on cultural, natural and social topics.

We believe in a local and collaborative economy, that’s why we promote our programs and activities through our technological partner

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Spain and Morocco at the Crossroads of Human Migration.

This migration program is designed to provide first hand academic and experiential knowledge about Immigration
in contemporary Spain addressing the social changes the country has undergone, growing in diversity, and the reality of thousands of migrants that try to reach European soil.

The seminar has an interdisciplinary and critical focus. Lecturers and field experiences are drawn from the University of Granada, Government agencies, local NGOs, and experts of the community in Spain, as well as in Morocco.

“This program participates of a regenerative spirit and reinvests profits in the participating communities. We want to contribute to the education of the migrant population living in Morocco. By signing up for this program you would be contributing to the implementation of professional development workshops, co-designed by CELEI-University of Granada-University of Tetuan, for migrants living in Morocco”.

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Celei believes in the power of communication and continuous evaluation as a means for personal and professional growth.

In this blog, we welcome former students and educational professionals from all over the world to share their experience and wisdom with our community.

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