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Teaching Philosophy


O ur philosophy rises from three fundamental principles: Experiential Learning, Intercultural Competence, and Interdisciplinary Approach.


stresses the process of building knowledge through experiences, which are designed to elicit specific and focused learning content. This approach places participants in the center of the process and takes the context as a basis to build students own education. The participants personally explore the cyclical patterns of practice, organization, reflection and integration, in the end, extrapolating conclusions and principles that modify and influence their own behavior. To enhance Experiential Learning, all the programs are complemented by Community Service or Internships and the related practicum project
offers participants strategies to develop knowledge and acceptance of differences and diversity that exist in today’s world. The objective of the intercultural dimension is the fostering of “competent intercultural communication” through deepening understanding, raising consciousness, and modifying attitudes and skills. The participants acquire the necessary sensibility and competency to evolve, in an efficient manner, within the intercultural contexts.
integrates, under a central theme, a variety of knowledge and perspectives. The belief being that, drawing from different academic fields provides a more comprehensive and profound picture of reality. This interdisciplinary focus contributes to the students´ acquisition of a more global understanding of a specific theme or idea, while improving their capacity for critical thought. Also, the students develop abilities of comparison and a deeper understanding of incorporating differing points of view.


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