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Why Study with Us

  • CELEI offers a high-quality curriculum and flexible structure to prepare students to study Higher Education in Spanish universities and in Training Centers.
  • CELEI is recognized as a pathway college by Spanish universities and can guarantee a place, based on a conditional acceptance offer (subject to approval) of associated universities and other higher education centers.
  • CELEI offers follow up and support to the students in academic, personal well-being, logistics, and legal issues throughout the program.
  • While studying with CELEI students are allowed to obtain part time work visa.
  • CELEI follows the Experiential Learning Approach, including Intercultural Communication tools, incorporating Internship/ Community Service, homestay and field components in all the programs, which facilitates students integration into Spanish society.
  • CELEI has been awarded with the European Quality Certification ISO 9001 and has been accredited to teach Spanish by the “Instituto Cervantes”.
  • CELEI participates in EUFICCS (European Use of Full Immersion, Content, Culture and Service) research project, financed by EU to develop methodology and materials to facilitate community immersion and social participation to international students.
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