CELEI applies the pedagogic principles of Experiential Learning to the vocational internship to maximize students´ involvement and integration,helping them to integrate their learning meaningfully within their education and socioeconomic context.

CELEI also places great emphasis on developing Intercultural Competence and the European Dimension.Guidedexposure and reflection enables students to achieve a better understanding of Spanish culture and society, with concentration in the job context.

The Internship will allow students to observe and participate in the activities of the business in which he/she will be placed. Together with your Program Director and firm supervisor, a specific schedule and regular tasks will be set up. The chosen work activities will be based on the site’s needs and the student´s specific skills and learning objectives. Prior to this, details, challenges and expectations of experiential learning will be discussed with your Program Coordinator.

The program is designed in a way that all students must accomplish the following objectives:

  • To gain personal confidence in your ability to function in a new working setting.
  • To develop life-long adaptation and skills to function in a foreign working culture.
  • To have the opportunity to work in a business that uses the most advanced technology, methods, and working instruments in Spain.

By the end of the program, students should have attained the following:

  • Significant knowledge of their specific “field of study” in Spain.
  • Greater understanding of how social and professional interactions take place in the working setting in Spain
  • Greater awareness of cross cultural challenges, greater cultural adaptation and integration skills.



Some of the fields we cover for our internships:

Teaching Training Computer Science Social Work
Tourism Fine Arts Flamenco Music
Carpentry IT& Telecommunications Construction
Plastering Electricity Electronics
Mechatronics Mechanics Ecological Gardening
Landscape Design Renewable Energy Sources Graphic Arts
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