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Celei international partner from Spain in the mAPP my Europe Erasmus+ project aims at:

  • Promoting the city of Granada to youth workers through #CooltEvents on cultural topics such as Cultural Collage, Tapas Route and more exciting cultural event organizing every month.


  • Encouraging Cultural Heritage Education in a non-formal manner, among trainers and teachers by developing innovations in the field through the translation of content for the apps which give us the best tools of mapping routes. This translation of the app will be in multiple languages (the languages of all partners: Romania, Bulgaria, Greece and Spain). Celei will translate the app in English and Spanish for a greater impact between the local, national and international level.


  • Creating interest in European cultural heritage training “ARTCULT: Desing and Creative Writing” (6-10 Septiembre 2019) for youth workers or staff in order to create innovative tools and methods for the education of cultural heritage.


  • Disseminations and exchanging good practices through social media, cultural events, a website and project blog with information about the project, partners and information used for the local routes, as well as a cultural heritage teaching book, photos and more.


  • Promote Cultural Heritage and Youth Participation by sending participants for the trainings organized in the 4 partner countries of the project (Romania, Bulgaria, Greece and Spain).


Read more mappmyeurope.com


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