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Customized International Programs


Youth Leadership Intercultural Education

International Education for Faculty and University Students

Lifelong Professional Training


CELEI aims to sustainably promote and successfully establish learning programs and concepts through the practical use of the latest methodologies, research findings, and technologies. CELEI has revolutionized international education through the development of customized programs. These programs are directed at college and education providers that are interested in being involved with the design of a program specifically developed to meet the needs of their students. We understand that individualized education better engages students with the material they are learning. Examples of past programs include everything from a flamenco focus, to healthcare internships, to a case study in human migration.

Although programs can be customized regarding theme and content, all of our programs implement a variation of the Action Learning methodology, meaning students are active participants in their education, rather than passive recipients. Students interact with the people and environment around them in order to develop cultural competency and improve language skills in a real world setting. As a result, students becoming critical thinkers and leaders, obtaining the necessary tools that will prepare them in all future endeavors. CELEI maintains relationships with a diverse group of university professors, school departments, and professional in order to deliver a wide range of specialties and program focuses. These are always programs for groups.

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