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LANGUAGE AND CULTURE STUDY: SPANISH                          

This program is designed to develop communication skills of participants through functional, grammatical and socio-cultural content, providing the necessary tools to communicate in real situations in a working context. Students will be using the specific Spanish vocabulary studied, in the language class, in their workplace.

Notio-functional Spanish: The study of the grammatical content and functions of the language; development of the following skills: oral and written production and comprehension through activities in and out of the classroom.

Thematic Spanish: The study of the language through its thematic contents, offering the students an opportunity to explore different themes related to Spanish culture, including working culture, fostering active use of specialized vocabulary and emphasizing on oral and written production.


Our Experiential Learning Approach; offers activities tailored to the interests, experiences and needs of the students, and creates a collaborative work environment that promotes active, elective and effective learning.

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