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Why Study in Spain


Spanish language and Spain role as gateway to Latin America and Europe

Spanish ranks in the top three most commonly spoken languages in the world, along with Chinese and English. It is rapidly becoming a necessity within the realm of international communication and business. Moreover, Spain is a doorway to Latin America for linguistic, cultural and historical reasons and a doorway to Europe for geographical, political and cultural reasons. Fluency in Spanish is one of great added values of study Abroad in Spain, along with its unique position of bridge with Europe, Latin America and the Arab world.

Excellent Education Services and Facilities

Spain counts with a very well recognized university system hosting some of the oldest universities and top 10 ranking business schools in the world. As member of UE, Spanish degrees are recognized by all European countries, well reputed in Latin America and USA. Spain is the 3rd European country that receives more foreign students per year. Spanish universities are part of the European Higher Education Area (EHEA) which currently includes 47 countries and offers multiple bachelor’s degrees (the first cycle of official university education), master’s degrees and postgraduate degrees which can be in various countries. Whatever your field of interest (Humanities, Arts, Sciences, Engineering, Architecture…), you’ll find your area of study and a qualified teaching staff in both public and private institutions.

Quality of life, Culture, Charm

Once you’re here in Spain, you’ll find the incentives are endless: some of the world’s most important monuments and museums (such as the Prado Museum and the Alhambra in Granada), vast nature areas where you can enjoy all kinds of sports, a wide range of leisure options, excellent gastronomy, festivities that are famous all over the world, an exciting nightlife, a pleasant climate all year round and the open and friendly Mediterranean character which makes everything so much easier throughout your stay. Why do you think that almost 58 million tourists chose to visit us in 2012? Spain is the 4th most visited country in the world (2nd in Europe) thanks to his extraordinary mixture of historical heritage, cultural traditions, landscape variety quality of food and good weather.

Warmth and Openness of its People

Bear in mind that Spain is the country that receives the highest number of students from the Erasmus programme, the most important student mobility initiative in the European Union. This means we are a destination that exceptionally accustomed to welcoming foreign students. You’ll find a notable international and multicultural atmosphere in its university cities.

Modern and Highly Developed Country

Whichever destination you choose (everything from large cities like Madrid and Barcelona through to a smaller cities like Salamanca and Granada, which also have a famous university tradition) you’ll be able to travel safely and conveniently all around the country thanks to its advanced transport system, with the benefit of student discounts.

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