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We work with the local communities of the places we enjoy during our programs and projects. We use these experiences to create bonds and opportunities for the people we work with to grow together. 

We also collaborate with the Red Cross by participating in events for young people and families at risk of exclusion, bringing our workshops and doing volunteer work to provide these families with better experiences for their children. Together with local schools and organizations as partners, we have aimed our European Solidarity Corps projects to the improvement of our closest host families’ living areas by creating open spaces for communication, recreation, and sharing of knowledge between our elderly and our youth.

At a local level, we work closely with Diputación de Granada, by carrying out workshops such as: 

Know your environment through photography

Record your short film 

Survival Practices in Nature

Sustainable Entrepreneurship for Youth

These workshops bring us closer to our local youth, which allows us to connect better with them, understand their needs, fears, and hopes, as well as help them grow to be the best version of themselves. 

We have participated in a consortium of nature-related small local initiatives and associations to help against climate change by planting thousands of trees belonging to our local flora. We hope this helps a new generation of young people understand the importance of caring for new life. 


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