Spain, gateway in human migration

//Spain, gateway in human migration

Spain, gateway in human migration


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This  travel  course  offers  students  the  opportunity  to  explore  the  intersectionality  of  immigration,  language,  culture,  and  society  from  Spanish  and  Moroccan  perspectives  through  an  intensive,  65-hour  course.

The fee covers in-country travel, hotel and dorm accommodations, half board museum and other entry fees.

Sign up for the travel portion of the program by submitting a 300 € deposit by November 1st (mandatory).

Cost and payment options:

  • Pay in two instalments (50% + 50%, 1.300 € + 1.300 €)
  • Full payment of 2600 €

(Approx. $3,200 by Bank Transfer or Debid/Credit Card. Paypal includes fees)

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Students  enrolled  in  this  course  will  gain  first  hand  academic  and  experiential  knowledge  about  immigration  issues  in  contemporary  Spain  and  Morocco,  addressing  the  social,  educational,  and  cultural  changes  the  Spain  has  undergone  as  it  grows  in  diversity  and  deepens  integration  within  the  European  Union;  simultaneously,  students  will  be  able  to  explore  issues  of  immigration  from  Moroccan  contemporary  sociopolitical,  historic,  and  educational  perspectives.  Through    blend  of  guest  lectures,  experiential  learning  opportunities,  educational  field  trips,  and  field  research,  this  travel  course  is  designed  to  broaden  students’understanding  of  immigration  issues  in  Spanish  and  Moroccan  through  lenses  of  language,  culture,  education,  and  society.

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100% (full payment), 50% (pay the course in 2 instalments), 300 € (deposit)

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