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#Regenerative Culture in the Mediterranean

Program Description

This program is designed to promote critical thinking. During the three weeks that students live in Spain and Morocco, they will participate in different projects and activities designed to explore Regenerative Culture from different angles. Deep and meaningful reflections, in breathtaking landscapes, will help us gain perspective and develop tools to grow and find fulfillment in the misinformation era.

We know from experience that traveling can be an incredible vehicle for education. When we find ourselves away from our comfort zone, rethinking our cultural habits, prejudices, and personal beliefs becomes a much simpler task. During this program we will provide guided opportunities for our students to tackle their personal development, using as vehicles the experiences our local experts will share with them, enriching every step of the way.

Course Objectives

To raise awareness and understanding around the importance of cultural diversity, emotional intelligence, migration, and regenerative cultures.

To offer resources and alternatives for our students to empower them to be critical thinkers.

To develop a sense of intercultural community, and a knowledge bank to promote Regenerative Cultures with the guidance of our professionals after the program.

To motivate them to act in the field of environmental and social justice by bringing the opportunity to participate in hands-on activities at every site they visit during the program.

To teach the importance of reinvesting in the local community during their everyday lives and when they travel.

Program Components

Orientation in Madrid & Toledo 

Nature and Ecological Restoration

Heritage and Sustainability: Climate for Culture 

Two days trip: Sevilla

Migration and Social Justice  

Leadership and Community in an Intercultural Environment

Emotional Intelligence through Movement

Spanish language course & debate sessions

Community service opportunities

Program site: Granada

Half Board accommodation 

In country transportation

Health & Safety protocols

Program coordinator and orientation

Post-program counseling

*Not included: 

Air travel & travel insurance.

Itinerant Program

This program is designed to see as many different cultures as possible, therefore it does not have a program site. 

Week 1: During the first half of the week we will travel through Madrid and Toledo to understand regenerative culture from Spanish culture and do our orientations about the program. We take this opportunity to get to know each other through group dynamics and interactive visits to museums. 

Week 1 – 2: We will spend 6 days in Granada, a city with a mixture of Arabic, Jewish and Christian cultures. We will do several visits to museums and local landmarks where we can learn about art, nature and heritage, complemented by day trips to: Antequera’s Torcal and Dolmens, Ronda, and Setenil de las Bodegas to gain perspective about the importance of natural heritage in Spain. We will visit Sevilla to expand our knowledge about the cultural heritage of this city filled with cinematic scenarios.

Week 2 – 3: We will travel to Morocco to gain a deep understanding about the migration problem in the south of Europe. The first night will be at Tetuan, the product of international cooperation, followed by three nights in Chefchaouen, where we will be introduced to Moroccan Artisanry and agriculture. We will spend one day in Akchour to enjoy a natural paradise in the heart of the country and live the next three nights in Ifrane and Merzouga, the town in the high mountains and the desert, where we will reflect about the world’s compass and renewable energies. Continuing our visit to the south of Morocco, we will spend a night in Le gorge du Todra to sleep in the heart of the Bereber ancient commerce routes. Rounding up this program we will make our way to Marrakech, where the culture of Morocco is experienced at its fullest and we will make a stop for a night in Ouarzazate, Africa’s Hollywood.

Nature and Ecological Restoration

We recognize the Ecological crisis as the most crucial our generation is facing. Understanding and making changes in our lives and our communities will define the world our children will live in. During this seminar, we will build a vertical garden, plant, clean, and discuss topics such as biodiversity, climate change, carbon footprint, etc.

Heritage and Sustainability: Culture for Climate

We understand Heritage as a symbol of Identity and as a reminder of historic memory. A path towards peace, change, and a solidifier of community bonds. Tours, activities, and debates, in some of the most beautiful sites the western Mediterranean can offer, will help us use Cultural Heritage as a lens for regeneration and sustainability.

Migration and Social Justice

Understand the truth behind the migration crisis in Europe’s southern frontier. Hear voices from a very real world and deepen your awareness about everyday life situations. We will try to make sense of this global crisis through reflections, experiences, interviews, and debates.

Leadership and Community in an Intercultural Environment

Reframe leadership and learn about organizations from a psychobiological point of view. Explore the challenges and opportunities of an intercultural environment. Understand the importance of team and community building with an infinite mindset.

Emotional Intelligence Through Movement

As one of the weakest points in our society today, we want to put special attention on the importance of a healthy mind and life for the undertaking of any other project. Through mindfulness, art, and psychology we will dive deep into our emotional world and learn about ourselves, wellbeing, patience, and tolerance for frustration, among others.

Community Service Opportunities

We organize community service activities where students will learn about the least privileged sectors of Granada and Morocco. These activities are aimed to leave a positive impact on both the students and the local community where they will put into perspective their lifestyles.

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