#KA-210 BeYOU Become Who You Are

The BeYOU project aims to structure an educational, vocational, and social orientation for young people (between 16 and 25 years old) through a coaching course capable of providing them with the tools to focus on themselves and their personal and professional future.

The project aims to create a cohesive intersectional community of young people aware of their potential and organizations capable of guiding and supporting them on the journey of focusing on their inner selves and their future.

#ESC Ecological and Social Restoration (2022)

We strive to transform an area, that until recently was a wasteland, into a green and lively space. A place where the local community can enjoy a Mediterranean forest populated with the native species of our region, that can also serve as a meeting point for social and environmental initiatives and different educational activities that combine different social collectives.

#ESC Zaidín reconnects (2022)

With this project we want to strengthen neighborhood participation through cultural activities interconnected with a local magazine, where the stories and cultural activities that are proposed are reflected, giving prominence to the neighbors.

We strive to increase neighborhood participation in public meeting spaces, to create a neighborhood magazine that has continuity over time, to promote and implement cultural activities that recognize cultural and age diversity, and to link other young people who can give continuity to the project, involving them and providing them with information about the ESC.

#KA-210 Education for Sustainable Consumption

This project aims to contribute to the recycling, reducing, and reusing awareness and motivation of environmental stewards and change-makers within the “Recycling Forward Vision”. The everyday habits that cause environmental pollution and climate change represent a real and urgent issue of the sustainability challenges we are facing in the 21st century.

The project aims to raise awareness about how waste can be reduced in daily life, how a different way of behavior as consumers is possible and necessary, and how waste can be evaluated in different ways. 

We will implement the project with comprehensive, holistic, and digital content applications. We aim to develop and incorporate environmental behaviors and habits in the lives of participants and their families by transforming the achievements we have gained through the consortium’s expertise in environmental protection and education. These activities will be implemented in cooperation among the consortium partners and with the aid of associated partners during and after the project.

#KA-153 Experiencing Inclusion

This project seeks to promote an inclusive culture that takes into account the rights of people with disabilities and the strengthening of their interpersonal abilities within the work environment, emphasizing the visibility and participation of young people and workers who have any relationship or have any disability. 

For this, we propose a training that has as a base the experiential factor and that promotes the knowledge and employability tools aimed at the equal interaction of every person, that has into account its emotional, interpersonal, and participative dimensions.

#ESC Reforestation of an associative space by the riverbank of Genil 

We want to support the transformation of a space that until not so long ago was a dumping ground for residual waste into an alive and green area. During these months we will put our grain of sand to, within the possibilities in our reach, provide for a future populated forest. Moreover, this space serves as a meeting point for different educational activities and ecological restoration practices with different collectives with disabilities, migrants, students from the University of Granada, etc. Also, we want to promote analysis sessions to work accessibility in the natural landscape. 

For us, is essential to emphasize the importance of adopting a long-term mindset when it comes to this vital environmental issue. While some efforts have been made to address deforestation and restore ecosystems, the short-term approach that often prevails is a cause for concern. In this way, we’ll try to provide the local community with motivation, knowledge, and support for the transcendence of this project.

We will incorporate collaborative practices with the citizens in a process of collective conciliation about the historical importance of nature for society. Through dialogue, idealization, and participation, the local community will be involved in the learning of traditional knowledge about local flora and fauna. This is why our project will reach everyone from accompanied children to the elderly.

#KA-154 Cultural Horizons 

The idea of this project seeks the creation of a local and neighborhood community committed to a space for young cultural cooperation, which decentralizes the artistic offer and overcomes geographic, economic, and social barriers.

Young people between 15 – 30 years old from the chosen localities will provide initial attention to the reality of neglected youth because they do not inhabit urban centers. In the same sense, with an inclusive perspective, we will prioritize the participation of young people with disabilities or at risk of social exclusion.

This proposal seeks that the group of young participants can benefit from this project during and after its completion. The objective is to produce stage plays created by young people, a festival for the dissemination and involvement of youth, and a new youth cultural nucleus.

#KA-154 Recovery of traditional uses of Sierra Nevada landscape to mitigate climate change

With this project, we aim to establish a nexus between the scientific knowledge and the knowledge from our elderly about climate change that is the repository of the legacy of dozens of generations that have managed to adapt to the changing needs of their natural environment. We strive to create areas of exchange of knowledge, learning, and local youth participation in the necessary actions for climate change within their natural landscapes. 

With this in mind, our main goal is to preserve our elderly knowledge about adaptation and climate change and pass it on to the new generations, who, aided by the scientific knowledge about this topic, we believe will be able to make a positive impact on their surroundings.

#KA-220 Heritage Stewardship

Cultural Heritage: from history, geography, cuisine, literature, art, and architecture to mindsets, beliefs, traits, and traditions. It is all these that define how Europe praises the similarities its countries have and celebrates their differences. It is this cultural heritage that tells our story and predicts our future.

We consider that the state of a place’s cultural heritage is directly related to a person’s will to involve themselves in local/national/ European actions. The better preserved and well-defined one’s environment is, the more that person will be aware of their identity and will want to participate in a community that is united by history, traits, and geography.

Through this project, we aim to unite various organizations, institutions, stakeholders, artists, teachers, youth workers, young people, and experts in various fields, to celebrate together our European values and legacy, raise awareness of its history and its future, and to promote and protect our culture, natural environment, and tangible and intangible heritage, for the sake of youth.

#KA-154 Rural and natural revitalization of the Alpujarras through SDG’s, entrepreneurship and social cooperation

This project aims to plan, design, and implement the first phase of a long-term project about the Alpujarras’ environment, with the collaboration of the local youth 13 years old and above of many of the towns in that area. In this phase, we strive to create a local community that is compromised with the short, medium, and long-term efforts needed for the success of this project and its survivability in time. 

With the help of our local partners, we will analyze some of the forgotten and worst-maintained routes that connect those towns. Old pathways that the elderly have always used were overshadowed by the creation of new roads. With this in mind, we will detect the needs of each town, and provide a space of shared learning and knowledge where the youth can have an opportunity to decide their future while making an impact in their communities, helping them to stay in their towns, rather than leaving for a city with a wider range of opportunities.

#Consulting for European Projects 

We want to push forward the development of these European projects with as many allies as possible and we understand from experience that writing these projects and making them a reality is no easy task. This is why Celei’s team offers consulting sessions to help other entrepreneurs give their first steps to transform their ideas into approved projects that will help our social, natural, and social environment. We have an experienced team of experts in this field and we will be more than happy to work hand in hand with you.

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