#KA-210 BeYOU Become Who You Are

The BeYOU project is designed to offer young people aged 16 to 25 comprehensive guidance on education, career, and social skills. Its goal is to equip them with the necessary tools to shape their personal and professional futures.

This initiative includes a mindfulness course, as well as practical and accessible resources such as an eBook on strategic training methods and online informational capsules.

#ESC Ecological and Social Restoration (2022)

We strive to transform an area, that until recently was a wasteland, into a green and lively space. A place where the local community can enjoy a Mediterranean forest populated with the native species of our region, that can also serve as a meeting point for social and environmental initiatives and different educational activities that combine different social collectives. With this objectives in mind, we have done several sessions of ecological restoration and collaboration with various local organizations.

We have also promoted workshops focused on acquiring socio-environmental tools, some other related to the Erasmus+ program and activities targeted at mid-sized groups focusing on environmental reforestation issues.

#ESC Zaidín reconnects (2022)

This project aims to enhance community engagement by integrating cultural activities with a local magazine. The magazine will feature stories and events from these activities, spotlighting residents and their contributions. Our objectives are to boost participation in communal areas, establish a sustainable neighborhood magazine, and foster cultural events that celebrate diversity in culture and age. Additionally, we plan to engage younger community members, ensuring the project’s longevity by involving them and informing them about the European Solidarity Corps (ESC).

This initiative not only connects the community but also empowers residents to shape their social environment.

#KA-210 Education for Sustainable Consumption

Our project is focused on educating the public about reducing waste in everyday life, encouraging sustainable consumer behaviors, and rethinking waste management.

We aim to achieve these goals through a comprehensive approach that includes several key initiatives: producing a documentary that highlights the influential role of youth in environmental advocacy, training educators to effectively communicate the importance of sustainability, and establishing ecological gardens in both Granada and Turkey as real-world examples of sustainable consumption. 

#KA-153 Experiencing Inclusion

This project seeks to promote an inclusive culture that takes into account the rights of people with disabilities and the strengthening of their interpersonal abilities within the work environment, emphasizing the visibility and participation of young people and workers who have any relationship or have any disability. 

For this, we have done a training that has as a base the experiential factor and that promotes the knowledge and employability tools aimed at the equal interaction of every person, that has into account its emotional, interpersonal, and participative dimensions.

#ESC Reforestation of an associative space by the riverbank of Genil 

The primary goal of this project is to establish a natural, functional space that serves as both an educational resource and an example of best practices. It is designed to educate on regenerative culture, community building, and responsible consumption.

With the support of our young participants, we have successfully created an operational natural classroom.

We will continue to utilize this space at Celei to align with our educational objectives and teach these crucial principles.

#KA-154 Cultural Horizons 

The idea of this project seeks the creation of a local and neighborhood community committed to a space for young cultural cooperation.

Young people will provide initial attention to the reality of neglected youth because they do not inhabit urban centers.

The objective is to produce stage plays created by young people, a festival for the dissemination and involvement of youth, and a new youth cultural nucleus. The activities of this project focus on artist residencies, organizing a festival for emerging artists, and creating collaborative networks among youth.

#KA-154 Recovery of traditional uses of Sierra Nevada landscape to mitigate climate change

Our project aims to bridge the gap between scientific research on climate change and the traditional knowledge of our elders, who have adapted to their environments over many generations. To achieve this, we have partnered with teenagers living in the towns around Granada.

These youths conduct interviews with elderly residents to uncover initiatives aimed at preserving natural spaces. Additionally, the project includes visits to eco-friendly farms in the area, furthering our understanding of sustainable practices.

#KA-220 Heritage Stewardship

The goal of our project is to bring together a diverse group of participants—including organizations, institutions, stakeholders, artists, teachers, youth workers, young people, and experts in various fields—to celebrate our European values and legacy.

As part of this initiative, we are conducting mappings of cultural and natural sites, and providing training programs that emphasize the potential and importance of our heritage. These efforts are designed to educate participants on how to appreciate and preserve our rich legacy for future generations.

#KA-154 Rural and natural revitalization of the Alpujarras through SDG’s, entrepreneurship and social cooperation

This project aims to plan, design, and implement the initial phase of a comprehensive, long-term environmental initiative in the Alpujarras region. In collaboration with local youth aged 13 and older from various towns in the area, we have established a local community committed to the ongoing success and sustainability of the project.

 We have created a space for shared learning and knowledge exchange, where the youth are empowered to shape their future and make a significant impact in their communities. This initiative encourages them to remain in their towns by engaging in experiential learning and teamwork within a work consortium. We have organized conservation routes with Alpujarra students to foster a love for their hometowns, introduced them to European projects, and taught them digital skills to facilitate the transition into the digital era.

#Consulting for European Projects 

We want to push forward the development of these European projects with as many allies as possible and we understand from experience that writing these projects and making them a reality is no easy task. This is why Celei’s team offers consulting sessions to help other entrepreneurs give their first steps to transform their ideas into approved projects that will help our social, natural, and social environment.

We have an experienced team of experts in this field and we will be more than happy to work hand in hand with you.

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