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Studies have shown that studying abroad is one of the most effective ways for our students to expand their horizons, improve their intercultural skills, develop critical thinking, and gain global perspectives. Celei knows this to be true. Furthermore, we believe that these immersive experiences are the perfect opportunity to learn about crucial topics for the 21st century like Social Justice, Environmental Awareness, or Emotional Education.

In a time dominated by mass and social media, stepping out of our comfort zones becomes a critical exercise to understand the world outside our “eco-chambers”. This is why Celei has decided to focus on realities. Uncensored and crude realities. Living and experiencing some of the realities the Global South faces is the best way for the Global North to gain truly empathetic awareness of some of these difficult truths, as well as challenge our beliefs in concepts like privilege, democracy, comfort, history, or media literacy.

Celei draws from more than 40 years of experience collaborating with World Learning and some of the other leaders in the international education field to design credited and transformative programs combining the different views of academics, activists, and other local experts. The school also provides a strong infrastructure, orientation, and health and safety support.

Our extensive experience designing tailor-made study abroad programs allows us to cater to the needs of our partners while maintaining a solid infrastructure, health, and safety support. We include inland transportation by private bus and half board accommodation in all of our programs.

Migration in Spain and Morocco, a case for Social Justice

This program focuses on migration and is designed to provide first-hand academic and experiential knowledge about migration in contemporary Spain and Morocco, and the reality of hundreds of migrants that try to reach European soil.

Lecturers and experiences are drawn from Granada University, government agencies, local NGOs, migrants, and field experts from Spain and Morocco. 

Understanding the reality of this complex crisis is an eye-opening experience and an incredible case study to discuss issues of diversity, privilege, media literacy, and social justice.

Ecological Restoration in Cuba

This program is designed to provide first-hand experience in the field of Ecological Restoration. It takes place on an island south of mainland Cuba, known to the locals as ‘La Isla de la Juventud’ (Youth Island).

Students will have the opportunity to participate in three different ecological activities: monitoring and protecting the sea turtles nesting on the beaches; helping to clear the surrounding tropical forest of invasive species and playing an active role in the underwater restoration of the town’s coral reef.

Participants will also enjoy connecting with the local community. They will improve their Spanish and intercultural skills, and ultimately enjoy the beauty of the Cuban lifestyle, which is reported to be one of the most ecologically sustainable in the world.

Spanish Language, Culture and Regeneration in Spain

This program is designed to improve Spanish proficiency. Different projects and activities within this program are designed to explore Regenerative Culture from different angles; promoting in-depth, meaningful reflections that take place in breathtaking landscapes. This course helps students gain perspective and develop tools to grow and find fulfillment in the 21st century.

The Spanish language seminar focuses on oral communication, allowing the students to practice their language and intercultural skills and connect with the local community in and outside of the classroom. Thanks to our local partners and participants, students can share their points of view about culture and regeneration, while learning new ones.

CRAFT Program

CRAFT is the acronym that synthesizes the 5 elements of the program: Consciousness, Relaxation, Full Attention, Fulfillment, and Transcendence. This program integrates the latest findings of Neuroscience to contribute to the psycho-physical well-being of the person and therefore of society. It provides participants with an opportunity to develop the “art” of building themselves, expressing and experiencing, first person, their best version, their best SELF.

The seminar will challenge participants to take a conscious expression of what they already are, of their BEING, where all their potential naturally emanates. We are endowed with all the tools and resources to be happy, to love and be loved, to live in peace and harmony with ourselves and as part of society.

Art as a Lens for Social Transformation

The Art as a Lens for Social Transformation program is designed to provide students with an opportunity to learn about art and Spanish society while improving their language proficiency

The Theme seminar is an interdisciplinary course that explores Spain´s rich heritage and the role of art in its most significant social changes and allows students to express themselves through three different artistic disciplines.

This seminar will present students with a wide range of topics related to art and cultural heritage and is completed with a rich and diverse cultural program.

Regenerative Culture in the Mediterranean

This program is designed to promote critical thinking for more sustainable societies. 

During three weeks, participants will travel through Spain and Morocco while working on topics such as Ecological Restoration, Social Justice, Emotional Education, Leadership, Art, and Culture. Thus, providing students with profound and insightful on meaningful areas that are important to sustainability in a broad sense.

The goal of this unique learning experience is to allow participants to develop tools to grow and find fulfillment in the misinformation era.


Tailor Made Programs

We want to create the program that suits your needs best, using as a reference our other study abroad programs, our cultural program, and our educational approach, we can adapt to the program you think is best for your students. 

We count on many local collaborators and agents of change, ready to provide you with the best possible experience. 

Contact us through this form to get more information about how we can work together to bring these opportunities to your students.


Our extensive experience designing customized study abroad programs allows us to be flexible with our partners while maintaining a solid infrastructure, health, safety and security protocols.

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