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Granada has captivated poets, musicians, and travelers from all over the world with its unique mixture of cultures, its light and its contrasts. The city is a live monument of our rich history and cultural heritage, full of incredible corners, viewpoints and secrets.

Granada enjoys a terrific location, only 45 min away from the Mediterranean Sea yet at the very foot of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, where the ski season runs usually from December to the end of April.

The climate is warm and sunny for most part of the year but we enjoy the fresh nights of a mountain town. That’s why people here enjoy a very active social lifestyle in the streets, parks and bars, famous for its traditional gastronomy and Andalusian tapas (free food with our drink. Yeah! Not kidding!).

During the academic year, this small city of about 300.000 people, is home to over 70.000 university students, giving Granada her unique vibe, nightlife and cultural possibilities. The University of Granada hosts the biggest study abroad Erasmus program in Europe with over 2000 international students every year.

The cultural resources in Granada are wide and varied. With a history that covers from pre-roman time til our days and having been home to Jewish, Muslim and Christian cultures, it is a city with endless learning resources. Perfect for the study of interculturality and diversity.

Granada has been the place of birth to Artistic movements throughout its history. From Flamenco to Lorca or from El Niño de las Pinturas to its current position in the vanguard of Spain’s scenic arts and at the top of the underground culture. Granada inspires artists from all over the world with its magic. Learn about gothic, renaissance, baroque, urban art, flamenco music and so much more as you stroll through its mystical streets.

This beautiful piece of land is also a great place for ecological regeneration. Although rich in urban forests and green infrastructure, Granada is losing forest land at a rapid pace. However, many ecological movements and young entrepreneurs are working hard to push initiatives that care for our environment and biodiversity. Meet them while studying in Granada.

Our School is a beautiful Carmen (the traditional house with garden) located 30 secs away from the most emblematic site in the city, El Mirador de San Nicolás. Right in the heart of the Albaicin, UNESCO World Heritage Site, the warm community and close proximity to markets and local businesses, allow students to immerse in the local community. Our backyard is surrounded by the Alcazaba Qadima, an XI century wall from Granada’s Muslim times.

Although based in Granada, Celei’s experience and collaborators allows us to work in different educational projects in Morocco and Cuba. For 2021 we are offering study abroad programs in Spain, Morocco and Cuba.

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