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#Spanish Language, Culture and Regeneration in Spain

Definition Program and Course Objectives

Program Description

This program is designed to improve your Spanish proficiency, learn about Regenerative Culture and promote critical thinking. Participate in different projects and activities designed to explore Regenerative Culture from different angles.

Deep and meaningful reflections, in breathtaking landscapes, will help us gain perspective and develop tools to grow and find fulfillment in the misinformation era.


We are an International School based in Granada, Spain, with more than 35 years of experience as a Study Abroad provider for World Learning and SIT.

We draw from this experience to design innovative and authentic study abroad programs that combine the academic quality and expertise of our network of collaborators with a strong infrastructure, coordination and health and safety support.

Study Abroad Program

 IMPROVE YOUR SPANISH: 40 hours Spanish language and culture classes.


REGENERATIVE EDUCATION: 5 Regenerative Culture seminars.


DISCOVER ANDALUCIA: 4 cultural trips and 3 nature interpretation outdoors sessions.


REST AND ENJOY: 5 weeks with half board accommodation.

Week Outline

 SPANISH CLASSES: 3 hours every morning from Monday to Thursday.


REGENERATIVE SEMINARS: 3 hours every afternoon from Monday to Thursday, including 3 nature interpretation outdoor session.


DAY TRIPS AND EXCURSIONS: Cultural trips every Friday: Sevilla, Córdoba, Alpujarras and Nerja / Frigiliana.


WEEKENDS: Free time and alternative activities.

Program Components

“Spanish Language and Culture


The Spanish Language and Culture seminar focus primarily on improving communicative ability and all-round language competency.


Immersion and interaction with the community are key for language and intercultural learning. That is why our classes will take place both inside and outside of the classroom.

“Nature and Ecological Restoration


We recognize the Ecological crisis as the most crucial our generation will face. Understanding and making changes in our lives and in our communities will define the world our children will live in.


During this seminar, we will build a vertical garden, plant, clean, and discuss topics such as biodiversity, climate change, carbon footprint, etc.

“Cultural Heritage


We understand Heritage as a symbol for Identity and as a reminder of historic memory. A path towards peace, change, and a solidifier of community bonds.


Tours, activities, and debates, in some of the most beautiful sites the western Mediterranean can offer, will help us use Cultural Heritage as a lens for regeneration and sustainability.

“Migration and Social Justice


Understand the truth behind the migration crisis in Europe’s southern frontier. Hear voices from a very real world and deepen your awareness about everyday life situations.


We will try to make sense of this global crisis through reflections, experiences, interviews and debate.

“Leadership and Community


Reframe leadership and learn about organizations from a psychobiological point of view. Explore challenges and opportunities of an intercultural environment.


Understand the importance of a strong team, safe environments and community building with an infinite mindset.

“Emotional Intelligence


As one of the weakest points in our society today we want to put special attention on the importance of a healthy mind and lifestyle for the undertaking of any other project.


Through mindfulness, art, movement and psychology we will dive deep into our emotional world and learn about the search for meaning, patience and frustration tolerance.

Program Site: Granada (Spain)

The city is a live monument of our rich history and cultural heritage, full of incredible streets, plazas and secrets.

Granada enjoys a terrific location, only 45 min away from the Mediterranean Sea yet at the very foot of the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

With over 300 hundred days of sun every year, our city is world famous for its vibe and possibilities.

We are located in a beautiful Carmen (the traditional house with garden), surrounded by an XI century wall of Muslim period, 30 seconds away from Mirador de San Nicolás, the most iconic view point of the city.


Program Highlights

We promote Experiential Learning to develop participants’ critical thinking, awareness, enhancing their ability to function in an intercultural environment.

Our programs address 21st-century topics such as nature restoration, migration and social justice, intercultural education, diversity, equity and inclusion, emotional intelligence, leadership, community building, cultural heritage…

Our multidisciplinary team combines academic professors from Spanish and American Universities with field experts actively participating in regenerative projects.

We only work with small groups, that allow students to immerse themselves in the local culture.

All of our academic courses include an Individual Field-Based Project to contribute to the environment or local communities. Our programs’ expert panels will provide post-program support.

Our extensive experience designing tailor-made study abroad programs allows us to be flexible with our partners while maintaining a solid infrastructure, health, safety and security protocols.

Services Included in Our Program

Multidisciplinary team for the course seminars

Program coordinator and orientation

Language and Culture training

Seminar reflection and debate sessions

4 cultural trips and 3 nature interpretation outdoor sessions

Half-board accommodation

In-country Transport

Health and Safety Protocols

Community Service opportunities

Post-program counseling

Services Not Included in Our Program

Air Travel: Students should arrive and depart from Sevilla

Travel Insurance.

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