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#Spanish Language, Culture and Regeneration in Spain

Program Description

This program is designed to improve Spanish proficiency. Different projects and activities within this program are designed to explore Regenerative Culture from different angles; promoting in-depth, meaningful reflections that take place in breathtaking landscapes. This course helps students gain perspective and develop tools to grow and find fulfillment in the 21st century.

The Spanish language seminar focuses on oral communication, allowing the students to practice their language and intercultural skills and connect with the local community in and outside of the classroom. Thanks to our local partners and participants, students can share their points of view about culture and regeneration, while learning new ones. 

To provide the best immersion experience, there is an option to include homestay during the weekends in which students will be able to make long-lasting bonds with different families from Granada.

Course Objetives

To introduce students to the Spanish lifestyle through its art, culture, and nature present in some of Spain’s most beautiful landmarks. 

To improve their communication skills in Spanish via a combination of oral lessons and debates about the experiences they have in this program. 

To guide students through the acquisition of new perspectives gained while learning about the diverse cultures that coexisted in Spain’s history and its evolution to today’s Spanish society.

To show the impact of climate change in southern Spain and how we can stride together towards a better future by incorporating sustainable habits in our lives.

To confront students about the difference between sustainable travel and mass tourism, and its effects on local communities.

Program Components and Services

Orientation in Madrid, Toledo & Córdoba

Spanish language course & debate sessions

Community service opportunities

Program site: Granada

Cultural & Regeneration activities

Half Board accommodation 

In country transportation

Health & Safety protocols

Program coordinator and orientation

Post-program counseling

*Not included: 

Air travel & travel insurance.

Orientation in Madrid, Toledo & Córdoba

We begin our program in Madrid and Toledo, where we take this opportunity to get to know each other through group dynamics and interactive visits to museums. Guided by our multidisciplinary team, students can talk about their expectations, fears, and hopes for the program in a safe environment. 

We wrap up the program orientations with a visit to Córdoba, the city of the three cultures, where we will visit the Mosque of Córdoba and surrounding areas in which the fusion of the three cultures has left its mark in history.

Spanish Language Course & Debate Sessions

The Spanish Language and Culture Course focuses primarily on improving communicative ability and all-round language competency. 

Immersion and interaction with the community is key for language and intercultural learning. That is why our classes have a classroom component that complements the experiential learning backbone of the program.

Community Service Opportunities

We organize community service activities where students will learn about the least privileged sectors of Granada. These activities are aimed to leave a positive impact on both the students and the local community where they will put into perspective their lifestyles.

Program Site: Granada

Granada has captivated poets, musicians, and travelers from all over the world with its unique mixture of Arabic, Jewish, and Christian cultures. History has left many interesting marks on the city today. Now 232,000 people, 70,000 of whom are university students, inhabit Granada and add to the special atmosphere that surrounds its cultural life.

We enjoy a privileged location, only 60 kilometers from the Mediterranean Sea yet at the very foot of the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

The climate has dramatic contrasts and very little rain, rarely from June to September. So people here enjoy a very active social lifestyle outside their houses through music and art that fill the streets with a unique atmosphere.

Cultural & Regeneration Activities

Celei organizes meaningful cultural activities to explore in depth this fairytale city. 

These activities will be a great opportunity to contextualize much of what we cover 

during the course and a great vehicle to practice our Spanish.

In addition, we will deliver some nature interpretation activities to learn about our ecosystem and how to care for it.

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