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In a world were ethical fading has become a serious issue, it is very important for our team to stay true to our Why, making an impact on the environment and communities we are directly affecting.

All our Academic courses include a plan to contribute to the environment or local communities. We sit and discuss with these communities about the best approach to leave a possitive impact for the people and ecosystems we work with.

We also apply to European Union funds and we promote self financed projects that look to put in practice what we learn in our other experiences.

Some specific projects we are about to start working on:

Training Program for sub-Saharan migrants.

This training will allow participants to acquire useful knowledge and skills upon their incorporation into the job market, at the end of their journey.

Scholarships of Cuban University Students.

We invite local students to participate in our Ecological Restoration in Cuba Study abroad Program. This will be a unique opportunity for everyone involved to learn in a multicultural environment and to bond with students from other parts of the world.



For over 7 years, Celei has participated in various European-funded projects with different educational institutions across the European Union.

Through European projects, we have developed networks, collaborations, and synergy between various individuals and organizations in the areas of education, natural restoration, culture, and social change.

Among other programs we currently work with KA-1 projects involving youth and adult mobilities, KA2 programs for teacher training & research, and the European Solidarity Corps.



#Entrepreneurship for Sustainable Leaders

We have developed an entrepreneurship program so students can acquire experience developing social or business projects, keeping in mind real examples and perspectives to understand some of the entrepreneurs’ challenges and opportunities at a global scale.

Entrepreneurship for sustainable leaders

#Former Students Projects

All our academic programs include Individual Field Based Projects for each of our students. After the program, Celei ensures support and guidance on these projects.

We believe in the power of education, and we want our students to be able to put into practice what they have learned with us. With this knowledge we hope students can support their own communities in this field.

Former Students Projects

Our teaching methodology involves collaboration for collective growth. Therefore, it is a natural consequence that, at the end of each academic program, students will receive personalized tutoring so that they can continue to develop their own projects.

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