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Our “immersion programs” are one week long unique experiences structured around a main workshop on several topics, applying the Regenerative Culture approach.

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All #Immersion Courses Include

Celei´s programs are total immersion experiences. During the week that participants spend at our institution, not only will they develop practical skills in workshops, but they will receive a conscious cultural orientation which promotes responsible travel and fosters engagement with local communities.

Main Workshop

Participants will choose a cultural topic for their main workshop. These classes will be taught by local professionals from their respective specialised fields.

Cultural Orientation and 5 Cultural Activities

Granada is a magical place where the possibilities for exploration and learning are endless. With five cultural activities as well as a variety of workshops, participants can customize their experience and in this way, get a broad taste of Andalusian culture.


Enjoy one week (six nights) in one of our beautiful accommodations located in downtown Granada with breakfast and lunch included.

Private Transfers

Private transfers from/to Malaga or Granada airport, at your convenience

Choose the topic of your interest among our selected themes for the program:

Spanish Language and Culture


Dive into Spanish language and culture in our one week (15h seminar) course. Learn about Spain through its Art, Music, Traditions and Folklore.

1200€ per person. Groups of 10 – 15.

Flamenco: Tap into the soul of Andalusian Art

Come and enjoy our one-week introductory course (10h) to explore the exotic world of Flamenco.

1200€ per person. Groups of 10 – 15.

Traditional Pottery


Come and enjoy our one-week introductory course (15h workshop) immersing us in the exciting world of Granadian Ceramics.

1200€ per person. Groups of 10 – 15.

Nature Interpretation


Discover the incredible natural opportunities that Granada offers. Come and learn about our biodiversity and develop a different lens to interpret ecosystems in our one week (15h workshop) course.

1200€ per person. Groups of 10 – 15.

Emotional Intelligence


Come to experience our one-week course (15h workshop). Dive deep into your emotional world and learn how to develop it through mindfulness, art and psychology.

1200€ per person. Groups of 10 – 15.

#CoolReg Blog

Celei believes in the power of communication and continuous evaluation as a means for personal and professional growth.

In this blog, we welcome former students and educational professionals from all over the world to share their experience and wisdom with our community.

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