Our short courses are one week long immersive programs structured around a main workshop on several topics led with a Regenerative Culture approach.

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All #Short Courses Include

All our programs are all round immersive experiences. During the week you spend with us, not only will you develop practical skills in the workshops but you will have access to a conscious cultural orientation throughout your stay and cultural activities.


Traveling can be an endless source of life changing experiences, and Celei has over 35 years of practice designing and offering these kind of tailored made programs.


Enjoy one week (6 nights) in one of our beautiful and centric accomodations with breakfast and lunch included.

Granada Card Turistic Pass included

The Granada Card turistic pass is included in this package. Participants will have free access to most cultural activities offered in Granada, including the Alhambra.

Four Cultural Activities And an Experimental Workshop are included

Granada is a place of magic and learning and the possibilities for exploration and learning are endless. For this purpose, four cultural activities and an experiential workshop are included. Participants can choose from our offer for a more customized experience.

Choose the topic of your interest among our selected themes for the program:

Spanish Language and Culture


Dive into Spanish language and culture in our one week (15h seminar) course. Learn about Spain through its Art, Music, Traditions and Folklore.

Flamenco: Tap into the soul of Andalucian Art

Come and enjoy our one-week introductory course (10h) to explore the exotic world of Flamenco.

Traditional Pottery


Come and enjoy our one-week introductory course (15h workshop) immersing us in the exciting world of Granadian Ceramics.

Nature Interpretation


Discover the incredible natural opportunities that Granada offers. Come and learn about our biodiversity and develop a different lens to interpret ecosystems in our one week (15h workshop) course.

Emotional Intelligence


Come to experience our one-week course (15h workshop). Dive deep into your emotional world and learn how to develop it through mindfulness, art and psychology.

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Spain, crossroads in human migration online

Spain, crossroads in human migration online

Intercultural mobility these days have altered the migratory map in modern Spain. Migratory movements have been created that have caused a cultural metamorphosis revealing the need for new regenerative practices. These practices will help create an informed community that has the means to be able to generate one´s own thinking. A regenerative thinking based on
experience and on the contrast of information. This is increasingly a requirement to build a cultural bridge that leads us to a more welcoming society, with a superior cultural wealth rich in values.

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Arts as a lens for social change

Arts as a lens for social change

From Granada and through ethnic fusion, performing arts and field research, students will have excursions, seminars and advisors that will give the possibility to develop their language, in order to mastery, analyze, collect and interpret their independent field research.

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Start with why

Start with why

Why start with why? When you expose a message or an idea, you create a union, it is no longer enough for us to have what we are looking for, there is a need to connect, to believe in what we do and whoever gives us the information, teaching or the product also should knows why it does.
At celei we draw inspiration from Simon Sinek’s model ‘’start with why’’, to redefine the concept of current education and improve the world we live in.

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