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We believe it is time for education to hold the torch that will lead XXI century societies to more regenerative cultures, that will help us get closer and take care of our environment while avoiding the global threats of our generation.

We draw from 35 years of experience, as a Study Abroad provider for World Learning and SIT, to design innovative and authentic Study Abroad programs that combine the academic quality and ground knowledge of our network of collaborators with a strong infrastructure, coordination and health and safety support. These programs are run in partnership with North American and European Universities.

In these courses we will have the possibility to learn from real experts on the field of our choice while immersing in the community and local culture. These experiences are designed for reflection and discussion and based on Experiential Learning processes. Spain, Morocco and Cuba are some of our destinations.

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These are our most immersive and academic programs. They range between two weeks and a month and have a strong intercultural focus. These programs are designed for university students and professionals who want to travel, explore and expand their understanding on topics such as migration, natural conservation or art and culture.

Spain and Morocco at the Crossroads of Human Migration

This Migration program is designed to provide first hand academic and experiential knowledge about migration in contemporary Spain and Morocco, and the reality of hundreds of migrants that try to reach European soil.  

Lecturers and field experiences are drawn from the University of Granada,  Government agencies, local NGOs, and experts of the Spanish and Morocco.

Students also carry out individual research on a topic of their choice. The language course will enable students to gain skills that allow them to become functional in the community and their academic work in Spain.  

Ecological Restoration in Cuba

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This program is designed to provide first-hand experience in the field of Ecological Restoration in ‘La Isla de la Juventud’, living for three weeks in the beautiful town of Cocodrilo, Cuba.

Students will have the opportunity to participate in three different ecological activities: monitoring and protection of the sea turtles nesting on the beaches; help clean the surrounding tropical forest of invasive species and play an active role in underwater restoration of the town’s coral reef.

We will also have real immersion into the local community; improving our Spanish and intercultural skills, building life-long bonds  with locals and enjoying the beauty of the Cuban lifestyle, reported to be one of the most ecologically sustainable in the world.

Spanish Language, Culture and Regeneration in Spain

This program is designed to improve your Spanish proficiency, learn about Regenerative Culture and promote critical thinking. Participate in different projects and activities designed to explore Regenerative Culture from different angles.

Deep and meaningful reflections, in breathtaking landscapes, will help us gain perspective and develop tools to grow and find fulfillment in the misinformation era.

Art as a Lens for Social Transformation

The art as a Lens for Social Transformation program is designed to provide students with the opportunity to improve their language proficiency, learn about art and Spanish society, as well as gaining skills on field research and studying in depth a topic of their interest.

The Theme seminar is an interdisciplinary course that explores the rich Spanish heritage, and the role of art in the most significant social changes in modern Spain.

It will present students with a wide range of topics, including multicultural roots and their influence in Spanish society, the main Spanish Art Schools, ethnic fusion in Spanish performing arts, amongst others.

Regenerative Culture in the Mediterranean

This program was designed to promote critical thinking. During the three weeks that you will live in Spain and Morocco you will participate in different projects and activities designed to explore Regenerative Culture from different angles. Deep and meaningful reflections, in breathtaking landscapes, will help us gain perspective and develop tools to grow and find fulfilment in the misinformation era.


Course Objectives:

Raise awareness and understanding around the seminar topics

Offer resources and alternatives for critical thinkers

Develop a community and knowledge bank to promote Regenerative Culture 

Motivate to action

Reinvest in local community


Our extensive experience designing customized study abroad programs allows us to be flexible with our partners while maintaining a solid infrastructure, health, safety and security protocols.

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