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Our Mission

It is not too late to dream of a global society in harmony with the environment.

We strive to build an identity that will promote a series of regenerative cultural practices and ideas, to raise humanity’s awareness of the current threats the planet faces.

Why are we so Tired of e-Learning?

Why are we so Tired of e-Learning?

The pandemic has made it abundantly clear that in-person school is essential for the well-being and education of students, and it is only through a physical environment that students can function to the best of their ability.

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Education for Regenerative Cultures

Regenerative Cultures as defined by Daniel C. Wahl are ones that have moved beyond sustainable models to regenerative models in which humans are reintegrated as an intrinsic part of nature. Cultures that work creatively with environment.

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Culture shapes us all, it encompasses everything from science to art. From traditional wisdom to everyday practices. However, culture runs deeper than this. It is in the way we think, communicate, and work. It ultimately defines how we understand everything around us. Most importantly, this is why breaking with the distinction between nature and culture is crucial. Hence, understanding our environment as our own cultural heritage, will be key in order to start loving, protecting, restoring and finally regenerating our surroundings.

We understand that education for regenerative cultures today should seek to promote students’ critical thinking. By designing meaningful experiences, leading debates, and group reflections education should push to broaden their perspective, engage them in different experiential learning activities and therefore expand their horizons in this global world.

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