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Most students have begun to feel the adverse effects of online school. Their minds have had a relentless murmur of the same fatigue that seemed to unfocus their eyes and sway their thoughts during the school day.  Most of them have spent an hour reading a passage, again and again, trying to drill into their brain materials they couldn’t seem to understand during the day’s lesson. It’s an exhaustive cycle that has also drained them to the point of collapse.

Because of the challenges and limitations of distance learning, teachers probably should assign less homework and tests and be more understanding of the current mental and educational state of students.

The pandemic has made it abundantly clear that in-person school is essential for the well-being and education of students, and it is only through a physical environment that students can function to the best of their ability. That’s why we promote, from Celei Regenerative Education, a kind of education that makes more sense in this way because while students may be 20% of our population, they are 100% of our future.

While some teachers have attempted to replicate intense debates and thoughtful discussions that make many students prefer in-person classes, these experiences have not been as fruitful. The lack of energy, internet disruptions, and many other small differences take away from the usually-stimulating on-site and more experiential environment, making it more of a chore than an engaging learning experience. Furthermore, the isolation and boredom students are feeling while confined to their houses makes them less inclined to contribute and add to a class conversation.

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The stress of a rapidly changing world can distract many from completing their assignments, or it may cause people to lose the motivation and stamina needed to keep up with schoolwork. 

It’s all of that, plus the fact that E-Learning and teachers had no time to adapt to this new environment: everyone in a hurry, all of us a bit lost with this global context, and people worried about things other than education.

We believe that education needs to be alive, dynamic, and ready for the world’s changes. But education has not been developed at the same level as technology, societies, or even culture itself. So we promote e-learning in the way to make it useful, running out from common learning techniques because it is a time of opportunity for educators to reach students worldwide thanks to the possibilities XXI century technology offers us.

While we understand that online learning is not the same experience as an on-site program, we try to come as close to it as possible. Based on a combination of Merrill’s Principles of Instruction, the EXC Instructional Design Model, Gagne’s 9 events of instruction, and our expertise in the field of Experiential Learning, we design a mixed methodology that supports our onsite conception of education with e-learning possibilities. 

The theory is easy so how do we do it?

10 reasons to take our e-learning courses:

Reason number 1: Experiential Learning

Our work frame is entirely associated with the behavior approach of learning.  Based on learner’s needs, roles, and responsibilities in professional life; skills, knowledge, and learning media provided to keep the focus on the learner’s end. Learning initiates from encouraging recall of previous knowledge related to problems of real life, enable the course to activate already existing knowledge among participants. 

The learning material that has been designed offers possibilities for integrating knowledge into the world of a learner through discussion, presentation, and reflection.

Reason number 2: Empathy with learners.

Our courses are designed by the student too. We want to hear their voices so we adapt the learning content to reflect learner’s interests. Understand and know people: who they are, what do they need, what is their context… we create a learner persona document to identify the learning gap. 

Reason number 3: The Learning Ecosystem

We are developing with an online learning platform where monitoring and tutoring students in a safe environment. Through meaningful life experiences, we create the environment necessary to reconsider our cultural beliefs and to develop community bonds and critical thinking.

Reason number 4: Promote critical thinking through qualitative learning content

Get knowledge from close sources and real testimonies to acquire learners’ attention and an intercultural dimension. Provoking the emotional side of the learner either with questions that strike their thoughts and it’s ideal to determine the success or failure by themselves, and offering strategies to improve the understanding and acceptance of diversity.

Less means More. In small pieces of information rather than overloading the learners. Including practical examples with case studies, it helps in motivating and engaging the learner throughout the session with different activities that enhance learning. 

Reason number 5: We have the Learning Pyramid in mind

environmental protection celei granada spanish regenerative coolreg

Reason number 6: Field-Based Projects  

All our programs participate in a regenerative spirit and reinvest profits in the participating communities. We promote in students the chance of developing a project in their local communities and closest environment.

Reason number 7: Assessment 

Forums and discussions, online interviews, problem-solving case studies, open-ended questions, projects with feedback,  essays, task-based simulations, etc.

Reason number 8: Gamification & Branching Scenarios

Every choice brings participants one step closer to the outcome, which highlights the negative or positive repercussions of their actions, so students must utilize their skills and talents to navigate the situation and overcome common obstacles. Gamification always connects students and motivates interaction. Some examples that are usually used are related to Story, Visual design, Competition, Challenge, Reward, Feedback… In our program “Spain and Morocco, at the crossroads of human migration, online” students will grow through meaningful life experiences. Creating the environment necessary to reconsider our cultural beliefs and to develop community bonds and critical thinking.

By the end of this online course, students will not only have had the opportunity to listen to the voices of migrants and migration specialists from Red Cross to Mains Solidaires, but also have developed a broader perspective of this worldwide crisis.

Our Educative Approach is Experiential Learning: Build knowledge, awareness, and attitude through experiences and hands-on activities; Intercultural Dimension offering strategies to improve the understanding and acceptance of diversity; Interdisciplinary Team through the integration, under the regenerative culture banner, of a variety of professionals, knowledge, and perspectives; Service and Community Learning reinforcing motivation to give back, learn, trust and collaborate as part of a local community.

As Gamification example, in this course students will act as a refugee: Six refugees from different contexts such as Africa, Latin America or Siria reconstruct their escape from hell through the decisions they faced until they reached Spain. Their real testimonies raise the terrible dilemmas that forced them to leave their countries, their homes, their families.

In their situation, what would you do?

We propose tools like this one “En la piel de un refugiado” developed by the Spanish daily newspaper El País in 2017 because through this experience we generate a debate and discussion environment where participants generate their own knowledge. 

Reason number 9: Timing.  We do most of it live!

We trust in blended learning courses because we are guides throughout the knowledge. Self-paced learning is not the best but allows participants to get ready for the lesson with a deeper perspective.

Most of our courses are along 4 weeks long.

Reason number 10: Because we want to change the traditional education system

Education with CELEI is more than just listening to a lecture or a panel of experts. Studying with us is a deep immersion into a community of professionals who are seriously committed to playing their role in making this world a better place for the people living in it. 

Few more resources we work with…

Video presentation of each unit, Interactive videos, Online live masterclass, Class wide discussion forums, Reflective journals, Teaching portfolio, Real testimonials, Global conversation sessions, Assessment quiz, Chat with locals, etc.

Hope you liked this post and found it useful! Share it with the Educative community to create feedback and different approaches!

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