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Regenerative Culture Education

First of all, what does Regenerative Culture mean? 

It’s a really young concept we got closer to through the voice of Daniel Wahl. He explains that we need to move from our conventional practices to a greener and more sustainable system. Being conscious that Sustainability is not enough to face the climate crisis that’s coming, we will have to move beyond a system that is not giving back to the earth the damage we’ve already done on the planet. 

When our way to live and feel our environment and landscapes is Restorative, Wahl says that Reforesting means creating new ecosystems but it’s still within the mindset of humans over nature so the next step beyond that is a Reconciliatory Design which reconciles the relationship between humanity and nature.

environmental protection celei granada spanish regenerative coolreg

Including culture in nature from learning experiences and creating a world where our design expresses that is a total challenge but we are here to play a huge role and take responsibility!

And even beyond that, we move towards Regenerative Design which is creating cultures that are able to work creatively with nature. Being resilient to change because change is the only constant that we have on this planet and be able to hand over to the next generation a richer system than we received from the previous. Finally, the idea of moving beyond sustainable design to regenerative design is key in the process towards a sustainable culture. 

Celei has been educating for over 35 years but we needed some time to stop and reformulate things. The pandemic context has not just been a total crisis for the Study Abroad sector but in fact a great opportunity for us to think over the kind of world we want to dream with. That’s why we are offering education in the line of Regenerative Culture, covering topics of Emotional Intelligence, Art and Culture, Natural Restoration, Social Justice, Interculturality, Leadership and Community.

Education is not expendable. 

We need to be conscious about our responsibility as teachers and step forward to a more dynamic way in which learning becomes for the student a skill in itself.  We need to start with the development of awareness and valuing things such as Learning.

Learning how to learn is important too, and current educational systems are generally not adapted for the diversity of our communities. We educate through a learning design model in which students participate for the same duration as the professor. We would rather guide and lead learning so students build  their own knowledge. In this Information Age, when everything is full of stimulus,  traditional masterclasses are not so impactful anymore. 

We believe in the combination of good learning dynamics, functional concepts and knowledge through critical thinking. An interdisciplinary teacher’s team and human relationships.

environmental protection celei granada spanish regenerative coolreg

You can see in the picture an activity we did at San Nicolás viewpoint which consisted in a creative abstraction of the Alhambra with natural materials like leathers, leaves, mud or colours made from natural resources like carbon or beetroot.

environmental protection celei granada spanish regenerative coolreg

“I cannot teach anybody anything. I can only make them think” -Socrates.

Arturo Tapia,

Head of the Academic Department 

Celei Regenerative Education

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