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(Why start with why?)

Times change and with it individual and collective needs. We live in a world full of offers, beliefs and ideas that are distant from emotion, what defines us as individuals and our personal goals. There is a turning point where it is no longer enough to have what we are looking for, there is a need for connection, to believe in what we do and in those who gives us the information, teaching or the product we seek.

When you expose a message or an idea, you create a union, which leads to an emotion and then a fact, it’s much harder to reach a goal without knowing why you’re going there. At this point Simon Sinek explains very well the concept in ”start with why”, where if we look at the world where we live and analyze companies and leaders throughout history, we find that, the strongest, most influential and prominent personalities, have something in common, a message, a why of what they offer, an idea that supports them.

Inspired by this methodology we have developped an institution model that is based on the principle of offering ”why”, ”how” and ”what”’. Celei’s believes is an experiential education, under a prism of critical thinking, emotional intelligence, communication and connection between cultures, regenerating concepts and establishing a journey in common, creating a related team with agreed ideas that lead us to the same place; redefine the concept of current education.

If you want all the information about Simon Sinek’s ”Start With why” you can find it in his book of the same title and in this TED conference that you will find in the following video.

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Spain, crossroads in human migration online

Spain, crossroads in human migration online

Intercultural mobility these days have altered the migratory map in modern Spain. Migratory movements have been created that have caused a cultural metamorphosis revealing the need for new regenerative practices. These practices will help create an informed community that has the means to be able to generate one´s own thinking. A regenerative thinking based on
experience and on the contrast of information. This is increasingly a requirement to build a cultural bridge that leads us to a more welcoming society, with a superior cultural wealth rich in values.

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Arts as a lens for social change

Arts as a lens for social change

From Granada and through ethnic fusion, performing arts and field research, students will have excursions, seminars and advisors that will give the possibility to develop their language, in order to mastery, analyze, collect and interpret their independent field research.

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