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Intercultural mobility these days have altered the migratory map in modern Spain. Migratory movements have been created that have caused a cultural metamorphosis revealing the need for new regenerative practices. These practices will help create an informed community that has the means to be able to generate one´s own thinking. A regenerative thinking based on
experience and on the contrast of information. This is increasingly a requirement to build a cultural bridge that leads us to a more welcoming society, with a superior cultural wealth rich in values.

Celei is addressing the contemporary immigration situation in Spain and the reality of its migrants. We believe in experiential academic learning and we have decided to give visibility to this reality and undertake a teaching that helps us to demolish prejudices and rethink our own cultural beliefs. Developing a community link that exposes the local reality and creates critical
thinking through a broader perspective: that immerses us in this crisis we are facing worldwide.

Creating an ideal environment to share and immerse students in an exploration of the problems of integration, inclusion and exclusion towards immigrants. Thus becoming familiar with the idea of ​​having their own cultural identity that fosters empathy and a more conscious and united community towards the difficulties and differences on Immigration immersion

Since Celei education is based on meaningful life experiences, we will create an authentic opportunity to connect with a variety of professionals, local personalities and organizations. We will provide the opportunity to attend a weekly seminar directed by Dr. Amy Gooden, on migration and leadership, who is an expert in education and professor at Harvard and Lesley
universities, we will also have Cesaire Yves, local Cameroonian expert and co-host. And also with Antonio Gutiérrez director at Celei.

Given the current situation, we offer a different On-line training, giving live content to encourage participation and the solidification of the message; immersive videos in specific monuments and locations making the experience much more tangible; personalized tasks for the student, connection with local agents, and counting on the collaboration and participation
of the best professionals, specialists and educators who will help students to analyze migration from different perspectives: humanitarian, economic, political, cultural and through the involvement of civil society.

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